Thursday, June 16, 2011

Interesting tourism and tax issue

We stayed in Gatineau, Quebec the other night. The room rate was $122.55 with $6.13 Federal sales tax and $10.94 provincial sales tax added on for a total of $139.72. I was okay with that and was even okay with the $2.00 accommodation tax that was then added on. I was not okay however, with the .10 federal sales tax and the .18 provincial sales tax that was then added onto the $2.00 hotel tax leading to a final bill of $141.90.

I know it is only $.18 but did they really need to put a tax on a tax? This is the kind of stuff that drives potential visitors mad and make them feel like cash machines as opposed to guests. I do love my home country but if they tried to do this tax on a tax in the USA there would be strong opposition. It kind of makes the $6.66 room tax we had in Virginia seem less evil. So good job to the politicos here. You can make 666 not seem so bad.


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