Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day...

I spend a lot of time studying war.  While I am generally as pacifistic as one comes, I am fascinated by the human condition in relation to war.  I am drawn in by the psychological and sociological pathologies that can lead to such a wave of destruction.  What could take an individual under normal circumstances would never consider harming another and lead to him/her to become a war hero? It is a moral quandary to which I hope I never have to find out if I am capable of.

On this day I remember war and hope for peace.  I wish no soldier ever has to die for his/her country ever again that that we will learn to settle disputes using words not swords.  Is this wish likely to happen?  If the history of human existence is any indicator, perhaps I have a bad case of wishful thinking.  So on this day, I remember those who have fallen, send positive thoughts to the ones in harms way today and dream of a day when this part of humanity has become a bad nightmare.  Perhaps John McCrae said it best:

File:In Flanders fields and other poems, handwritten.png

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