Saturday, January 1, 2011

Perspective - A Holiday Review

This holiday season could be perceived as trying.  My mom unfortunately had a heart attack with that our house in in rebellion (furnace issue) and the car needs work.  Add to that the usually stressful son with Autism, the two month old and the 12 year old with the fun pre-teen attitude in the house and life is pretty ummmm... interesting.  With all that being said, I would not have traded this holiday for anything.

My mom is okay.  I am happy that if she had to have this happen to her, it happened here where she had her support network.  It also provided a nice reminder of how much we care for each other as a family.  When something 'bad' happens we 'circle the wagons' and really take care of one another.  I do not know about you but that for me is what family should be about.  Though it was a scary and sobering incident, it also provided the reminder of what the holidays (and really everyday) should be about, celebrating and cherishing your loved ones.

As for the house rebellion.  Murphy's law dictates that when one is broke, things will break.  In this case, we had  a furnace issue and a car repair.  In each case though, safety features worked properly to ensure that a minor issue did not turn into a major one.  In the case of our furnace, yes, the circuit was blown and we had to get it replaced but it worked as it should making sure there was no fire.  In our car, the tire light went on and I was able to get it fixed before it blew (and you know it would have happened with my wife and the two boys in the car).  Yes, between our house and car an extra $1000.00 we didn't have was spent, but gaining perspective means that I understand that money is just that.  I am thankful that these devices worked as they should to ensure that my loved ones were safe.

In perspective, this holiday season I got the best gift of all.  My family safe, loving and together.


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