Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Life

Today I found out that a former colleague Chris Hughes is leaving his position with Bruce County Tourism. Working on the First Nations reserve was always an interesting experience but one of the biggest pluses to the job was that it was there that I first met Chris.

In my first meeting with him I knew immediately that I liked him and that he was the type of person I would enjoy working with. I learnt quickly that he was also a visionary and had a great creative mind. He could have been working for one of the 'big boys' but chose to stay in his home Bruce County (the place he loves). I always admired him for that.

Over time and my transferring to the Walkerton project, we got the opportunity to work together even more. In my professional career, I can honestly say that no one has utilized my talents better. He would take my crazy ideas and turn it into something marketable and salable.

So as Chris moves on to his new life as part of BCHughes Tourism Consulting, I congratulate him and recommend him to my partners here in the sunny south that wants to hire a high quality visionary.


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