Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Fragments

Thanks to Mrs. 4444's for hosting the frags.
  • Is there a prayer for plumbers.  We have a plumber coming today and I am hoping the cost will just nearly stay close to painful rather than catastrophic.
    • On a related note: We laid out $700 for a car repair last week and I had two work trips that have not been reimbursed yet.  Perhaps I should sit out on campus with a tin cup this week.
  • Another round if illness is moving through our house.  With me teaching at a university, Robyn in high school, Liam in elementary school and Erik in pre-school our house may as well be a germ incubator.
    • Half-Past Kissin' Time
    • On a related note: This has put me well behind in my work leading to an increased level of stress.  This is just an extra kind of bonus don't you know.
  • Even with the first two points, I have a conversation with a friend about happiness.  She asked why even with things are crappy that I seem to be happy.  My answer is that I am not really happy per se but rather work hard to keep myself in a state of being moderately contented.  Nothing is too bad, nothing is too good.  This is the lesson I learnt in my favorite class in undergrad Buddhist philosophy. The middle path is the true way to Nirvana.
    • Does that mean I am unemotional?  Of course not, I am human (even though I'd love to be Vulcan),  but when I do get overly emotional I work on getting back to an even keel.  
  • If you want to see what I presented this week, I will be posting them on Acting Balanced and Touristic either today or tomorrow.  So if you are interested in How Sponsors Choose You or the 2013 Festival Trends for the Carolina's drop on by later on.
    • On a related note: Because I know you all love statistics!

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