Monday, August 5, 2013

Listicles - Five Impractical Things

I know listicles are suppose to be ten things but I am on the clock this AM and the kids are driving me nuts. So five it is.

5. Any heels over two inches...they may make you look more 'shapely' but more likely you just end up with a turned ankle.  Then again for those of you who think crutches are an important fashion accessory.

4 30 min. lunches.  I hate eating in a hurry.  Meals are meant for sustenance of the body yes but also of the mind.  A good conversation at lunch is a must for me.  30 min does not cut it.  Then again, I am a big fan of the siesta/ tea time concept so what do I know.

3. Just about any baby accessory over $100.  Seriously, they are done with them by the time they are two (if you are lucky).

2. Porn.  Talk about repetitive.  Insert tab A into slot B repeatedly.  Yes, there are variations but unless you are the doing the performing, it is just redundant after the first five minutes.

1. Thongs - I mean, how are they supposed to contain anything?  Perhaps once again I am missing the point but they seriously look uncomfortable and for the .001% of the population they actually look good on - I am still not sure they are worth the trade off.  Then again, they did give me an excuse to show the Thong song video... Now you can hate me for putting this annoying but bain piercing tune in your head. Tee hee hee.

P.S. For those women who wear them so they are visible above your pants.  No, that is not sexy - it just shows that you are impractical.

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