Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Fragments & Fill Ins

Thanks to the Unknown Mami and Hilary for hosting.
Unknown Mami
  • My laptop keyboard died and I had to get it replaced.  iPads and phones are good for short communication but not so much for blogging.  Heather would have let me use hers but as anyone who knows me knows, I am a creature of habit.  Glad to have my machine back.
  • I only have 19 days until school starts again.  I have had a productive summer but I have so much more to do even so.  I still have two papers to write and one to resubmit.  Summer is not supposed to be six days a week working time.
  • Parent and sleep is an oxymoron right?
  • We broke down and bought a TV this week.  The tech on televisions today is pretty impressive.  Then again, we also bought an aerial  for the we could OTA channels.  I guess that is a case of what is old becoming new again.

PhotobucketThis week’s statements:
1. Sometimes I get frustrated by slow progress
2. Time is constant but our perceptions of it are skewed or are we just slaves to linear thinking?
3. My favorite meal to cook is spaghetti, because I like to experiment with sauces.
4. When it comes to social networking, I log on blogger.

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