Sunday, July 7, 2013

Monday Listicles...Happy Word Edition

Thanks to Stasha for hosting listicles - this week's topic is...

A list of words that makes me smile?

10. Paradox - it is a great word and describes my existence nicely.

9. Quandary - the result of the above.

8. Tenure - that has been such a nice word...

7. Oxymoron - tenure makes you think you have something, until you realize you don't - yet you still realize how good life is.

6. Payday - nuff said. Also buoyed by the fact that tenure ensures that payday will be forthcoming for the foreseeable future.

5. Troglodyte - my favorite insult. 

4. Sarcasm - I'm what I y'am

3. Canada - see above & below...

2. Ironic - don't cha think?

1. Listicle - just thought I would kiss butt a little this is nice to be back and blogging after all that travel. I missed my weekly dose of listicle fun.

On an aside...

Heather and I have some big changes coming up for the blogs (Touristic & Acting Balanced) and I think they will be very cool. I will have more for info for everyone on the changes over the next few weeks...

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