Sunday, June 9, 2013

Monday Listicles

Okay, the trip to China is going so far, so good. While there are some things similar, 7-11, Walmart, McDonalds, when you enter each one a different world appears.

Apparently, blogger does not work in China. So I am emailing my posts to Heather who is then cutting and pasting the text into a blog so. So I apologize in advance for formatting errors. We are also 12 hours in time difference. That means I will mess something up along the way.

This week's Listicle is 10 beauty products that I can not live without.

In advance, this post is not 'G' rated. Come on. You give me a topic like this and you expect me not to go off. Seriously now. I have attempted to leave as much to your imaginations as possible but this does contain TMI.

10. balding head certainly needs every advantage it can get.
9 Under arm deodorant. I spent 15.5 hours on a plane yesterday, this should be number one. Seriously people.
8. Speaking of seriously, I do not even know 10 beauty products. How am I supposed to do this list?
7. Razors but sorry, but I do not shave my nether regions. If I seeing it on a mate, I am just happy enough to be there to care how it is maintained. Though I hear shaving it for guys creates the illusion that it is bigger but I have already had two big cuttings (once as a baby and another to prevent having more of them) down there in my life and that is enough for me.
7a. Side note: if you must dye your hair - should the carpet not match the curtains so to speak? Just sayin' is all...
6. Speaking of which, I would have said hair dye but that would require having hair (though if the Rogaine works). Plus, if I had to, I would finish dying it grey. You know because grey hair on men makes them look sophisticated and all unlike women right?
5. This may not be a beauty product per se but man are tubs useful. Not having one to soak in after such a long flight...oy.
4. What have some of you done to have your blogs banned in China. What kind of dissents are you people?
3. Surgical masks. All the cool kids are wearing one over here. Every third person or so seems to be wearing one. Hummm.... You may be thinking, how is that a beauty product? Alas, anything that hides my face is bound to improve my beauty.
2. Fragrance skin whitering - I don't know what it is but it is in my hotel room. It does say for women, so I guess guys don't need to have their skin whitering-ed? The cream inside looks a lot like ummm...well you decide.

. Honestly, how can I possible beat that last one? Well perhaps if I beat something I can get stuff that looks like the last one.

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