Monday, June 3, 2013

Listicles - What I Notice

Really?  Next week is about beauty products?  I can't wait to write that listicles...  Sorry but beauty and I are not well acquainted and no amount of product will help that...  That is however, next week's girlie topic - so let's deal with this week's first shall we?  Presently, Stasha has challenged us to write about:


10.  Are the eloquent?  Or do they sound like a troglodyte?  Bonus points for using proper grammar.

9.    Eh?

8.   Do they demonstrate positive body language?  I am looking for an open stance, active listening, perception checking, and trustworthy facial tendencies - Are they genuinely interested in talking to me?

7.    Confidence - Everyone likes someone who exudes confidence.

6.    Does she have a nice butt?  Come on, I am a guy.   Plus anytime, I get to use this video is a bonus.

5.    Even better is she a natural redhead (my weakness).  Heather has really no worries about me cheating but if hates froze over, she would know where to start looking for my temptress.  

4.   One's laugh. To get in my good graces, a sense of humor is a must.

3.   Staying on the guy theme... ummmm let's just say occasionally I will notice a woman's frontal thorax region.  

2.   This...

1.   If the lights are on.  I have learned over the years that eyes are windows to the level of thought occurring in the brain. 

Nothing is sexier than smart!

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