Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Fun fragments and Fill-ins from China

Hi all,

I am writing from Shenzhen China.  China is such a fascinating place.  Much of it looks the same (I am writing this sitting in a Starbucks after I went to a McDonalds for breakfast - yes, I am being an adventurous Canadian/American).

The trip has been very eye opening.  Much of the thinking here is the exact opposite of my mind-frame on most topics.

It is an interesting world here.  For every similarity there is a complete opposite.  Then again, the country seems to be one of utter juxtapositions.  For every freedom there is a shackle.  For every modernization there is a antiquity in thought.  It is a constant enigma wrapped in an oxymoron.  I am learning a lot as a result.

The trip can also be described in these terms.  For every wonderment, there is a disappointment.  As Spock would say...'fascinating'

Let me just say that I want to apologize for not going visiting this week.  Between the travel schedule, the jet lag and the ban on a lot of your blogs (for instance I can not access any blogspot blogs) - it has been very difficult to visit you all.

Though I encourage you all to read my Mondays Listicle piece.  I think it is my humor at its strangest.

I will also be posting more pictures soon.  I have some great ones.

Hope all is well wherever you all are.

and now my fill-ins:

1. Sometimes I wonder if I should move to Tahiti but I know I won’t…
2. Chocolate is my favorite flavor of everything
3. The thing I will remember most vividly about China  is the incredible number of people here in Shenzhen
4. When I am honest about it, I really appreciate Western Culture.

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