Thursday, June 27, 2013

Friday fragments...

Sorry for not blogging much lately.  After getting back from China, I headed to Canada to spend time with family.  Given that I am trying to balanced family, work and my screwed up internal clock - I have an interesting go of it.

China was a very interesting place.  For every wonderment there was a corresponding bewilderment.  The culture has such wonderful and genuine qualities that works on a series of obligations and duties.  The collectivist mindset present but with definite power structures in place.  A place where it is very good to be at the top.  The country a constant series of paradoxes attempting to be somehow blended.  The Ying and Yang ever present.

P.s.  I have a ton of great pictures to share over the coming weeks.

One question, why can I get through. The Hong Kong airport in less that 30 min yet it takes over two hours to process through in Chicago?

It is nice to be home in Canada.  It is too bad my internal clock is so screwed up at the moment.  I definitely still have my days and nights partially screwed up still.  Usually I am pretty good with jet lag but this on is kicking my behind.

I had a real nice breakfast with an old friend on Wednesday.  It was very enjoyable.  It is nice to catch up at times.

I have enjoyed my time with my parents.  I really do like spending time with them even though the kids monopolize them.  Liam in particular is a papa's boy.  He barely noticed I was missing while I was in China.  It is a lot of fun to see them together.  They are so close.

Heather and I have barely talked this week.  We have just been on different schedules.  I hope we do get a chance to have a date night before we leave but it is looking doubtful.  

Well, it is officially midnight and I have to try to sleep even though I am wide awake...

Thanks to Mrs. 4444s for hosting.  

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