Thursday, June 6, 2013

Friday Fragments

Hi all...  Thanks to Mrs. 4444's for hosting.

  • This is day two staying at two difference Marriott Fairfields (one in Beckley, West Virginia & Thursday night in Buffalo).
    • Problems with property one: 
      • I walked in and out of the hotel at least ten times with Erik.  I swear one of the front desk agents did not move from the same spot sitting down for an hour.  Also, he was disheveled and seriously looking like he was just trying to survive the shift.  
      • The room comes with a pull out bed couch, yet no sheets, covers or pillows provided.  The main promotion for the hotel seems to be the hot breakfast.  
      • On every picture (and there are several throughout the property) there are these great pictures of bacon, eggs, sausage etc.  So we go down to breakfast to find no bacon but plenty of the greasiest sausage one has ever had.  
        • Half-Past Kissin' Time
        • Then I made the mistake of asking for ketchup.  Perhaps I should have asked for something more attainable such as world peace.
    • As a bonus, we went to dinner at the IHop and had some of the most terrible service that I have ever had in a long time.  We had three different servers tell us that they were going to take care of us.  Apparently, it is the International House of Liar Liar Pants on Fire.  They did have a lovely conversation with each other while they messed up the order, forgot food and generally provided for a terrible experience all around. 
  • Property two Buffalo.  
    • Check in was great.  The staff was friendly and attentive.  Perfect.  I thought this is looking up.  
    • I go up to my room and realize ut oh, time to make a dash for the potty.  Well, as I am sitting on the potty, one of the staff walks into the room.  I know they have friendly and attentive staff but somethings require privacy.  
      • Now, to be fair, the staff person called 15 minutes later and apologized profusely but she was apparently a supervisor training staff and was coming to check their work.  Ummmm, in training don't they teach you in training to knock on every door wait for a minute, then put the key in and as you are entering the room to call room service and wait 30 seconds before entering.  Apparently, the trainer didn't get the basic training memo.
        • Plus, I am sure they taught you to pick up hair in the bathroom. Just gross. 
    • Further, I went downstairs to ask a easy question, is there a CVS. Apparently not.  Then I asked where I should go to eat.  She pointed to the hotel across the lot.  It is pouring rain but I have little choice.  The funny part was that while I was getting food at the Marriott Courtyard across the parking lot after getting soaked, the staff person mentions that the Marriott shuttle can take guests anywhere within three miles of the property and that there was a Wegmens (grocery store plus) they could have taken me to.  
      • Didn't that make that $18.00 sandwich and coffee taste that much better.    
On a related note: This is why I hate being a hospitality professor at times.  These things really bug me. 
  • While you are reading this, I am probably on a plane to China.  Please think nice thoughts for me.  My luck says I get a screaming infant beside me for a 15.5 hour flight.  
    • On a related note: I have plenty of time to sit in a cramped space, eat terrible food and pretend to sleep.
  • Heather and the kids arrived in Canada after dropping me off at the hotel in Buffalo.  I hope they have a great stay.  
    • On a related note: Drop by often to check out my China experience.  I hope you will have fun reading about and seeing the pictures of my journey.  Sunday will start with pictures from park we stopped off at just north of Charlotte N.C.  We were definitely in NASCAR country.
One final related note:  As I am a hospitality professor, aren't I supposed to make travel sound fun and exciting. I sure want to.  So come on people, work with me here!!!  
This is why I love Charleston.

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