Monday, April 8, 2013

A Superhero Level Listicles...

I have been off Listicles for a couple of weeks.  So I will thank Stasha for hosting and move onto this week's topic:


10. I am able to sing this song from beginning to end...

9. That I have never been caught on Internet porn.

8. Photographs, photographs, photographs - imagine if I had a real camera and not just an iPad

7. That my all time best month for visitation was last Month - you know when I didn't post for the last week. 
Gotta love those scroller bots!

* - not so super-hero-ish feeling - getting back to posting and watching the numbers go down.

6. Outlasting the wife.  Whoop! whoop! I am man - hear me roar.

 5. On that note, being a good dad to three kids.

4. Getting a citation alert from Google Scholar!  Someone actually read or at least skimmed something I wrote and cited it!  Of course, they could have said I was an idiot but it all counts the same...

3. The fact that this listicle has two graphs and a song about being white and nerdy.

2. That I do not use the Dr. Smith very is a nice title but I do not have the ego to have to be called by it.

1. When I can actually get to 10 listicle items without having to stretch too much...

P.S. Didn't say that didn't exactly happen here...

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