Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Meme's Quicky

Thanks to Mrs. 4444's for hosting Friday Fragments.

    Mommy's Idea
  • It has been nice having my parents visit.  I do enjoy having them around.
    • On a related note: It has been a nice break for Heather too though I am not sure she is feel the benefits of it.
  • I wish my children would sleep better.  Both of the boys have been a nightmare with their sleeping this week.  One staying up too late and one getting up really early.
    • On a related note: As a result of Erik's early mornings I have been able to catch up on my Dora the Explorer.  
  • It is festival season so my research is in full swing.  I have four concurrently running research projects at the moment.
    • On a related note: It is also advising season, I have had a steady stream of students wanting to see me lately too.
  • My existence was supposed to slow down this week but apparently my life didn't get the memo.
    • On a related note: I don't even have time for related notes this week.

Now it is Hilary's turn...

This week’s statements:

Photobucket1. My first car was a Mazda Protege
2. My life is so hectic at the moment.
3. I would drop everything to help a friend in need.
4. I never tell people I once was a half decent athlete.

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