Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday Hodgepodge

Time for the Wednesday Hodgepodge...

1. When were you last 'on a mountaintop'? You may answer in the literal or figurative sense.

I am there everyday I can be.  I appreciate my life as it is and work harder to make it slightly better everyday.

2. Do you establish and maintain a strict budget in your household? What is one piece of financial advice you would offer someone just starting out on their own?

Sort of.  We have a budget but are not so strict that we will not adjust it if need be.  The best piece of advice is to express your expenses in terms of a percentage.  When you see that 32% of you money is going to lunches out - you change your ways quickly.

3. Cherries-yay or nay? Cherry pie, cherry cola, black forest cake, or a scoop ofBen and Jerry's Cherries Garcia...pick one. 

I am a big fan of cherries in all types.  Those this question reminds me of the old Warrant song...

4. Should you ever discuss religion or politics with people you don't know? 

Why should you not discuss ideas with anyone?  If you are respectful and have a willingness to be open to others ideas and concepts.  Why not share? 

 5. When you take a road trip do you prefer to be the driver or the passenger? Where were you headed on your last road trip? 

 I don't care but when we travel - and we do two LONG road trips a year to Canada from South Carolina - Heather drives cities and I drive open highways. 

 6. If we peeked inside your closet, what color would we say is most prevalent? 


7. Who's your favorite senior citizen and why are they special? 

 I guess I have to say my parents though I dislike referring to them as that - though they do not object because of the discounts they are not racking up. 

8. Insert your own random thought here.

You must take care of the present in order to move forward in the future.
Thanks to Joyce for hosting the Hodgepodge.

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