Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tuesday Writing Prompt Memes

Thanks to Josie for hosting Two Shoes and Les for hosting Time Out.  Both a terrific memes that are a lot of fun to work with.

Let's start with Josie this week since it is her birthday week.  Happy B-day Josie!  Her writing prompt is:


Josie Two ShoesWhat an appropriate topic this is for me this week.  The reality is that I am now paying the price for not taking care of my body properly over the years.  No, I do not smoke or drink but I also do not exercise regularly and/or eat properly. I also am trying to be all things to all people.  Being up at 5:00 AM getting the kids ready and out for school leaving me in my office at 7:30 AM until about 8:30 at night just to come home in time to get the kids to bed and collapse myself.  Add in two weekends where I had conferences to attend and I am/was asking for trouble.  I used to be able to work this kind of schedule for a three month stretch and make it easily.  Nowadays, I need some relaxation and sleep or my body goes into rebellion (as it has).  It even does enough to scare me (an unenlightened fool most often).  I guess this really is a sign I am getting older and perhaps not wiser.

Now it is Les' turn and funny enough her prompt seems to be an extension of Josie's.  The topic for the Tuesday Coffee Chat is...

"What would be your Last Song?"

Now, Les doesn't mean a funeral song.  She wants us to write about what would be the last song we ever heard - sorry Les, still morbid but appropriate for my mood today nonetheless.  Then again maybe my mood is coloring my interpretation - anyways, onto the topic at hand.

My favorite some of all time is Pink Floyd's On the Turning Away but as a last song I am not sure that would work.  It is more of a future, hopeful song - not great as a 'last song.'  

This topic reminds of my 'Q' from Star Trek the Next Generation scene when Jean Luc Picard was given a chance to relive a key regretful moment in his life only to realize that what happened lead to him not becoming the man he knew.  

The song I would to listen to would be one about leaving no regrets.  I want to think of myself as a person who has left all his cards on the table.  I don't want to die meekly but rather in a 'Blaze of Glory.'

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