Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tuesday Meme-strava-ganza

Josie Two Shoes

Thanks to Leslie and Josie for hosting Tuesday Coffee Chat and Two Shoes.

Les' theme this week is: 

Early Bird or Night Owl?

I have three kids, I am neither.  I only sleep in between moments of tears (usually my own), poop emergencies combined with desire to play (hopefully not in said excrement).  This is usually followed five minutes later by a call to serve food and/or drink which will be combined with any of the assortment of crashes and bangs associated to be in a house with two rambunctiousness boys and a sullen teenage girl.  Sleep is commodity in this house.  It is a trade piece which is needed to keep the peace.  The best we hope for is a couple hours of relative quiet in which we spend wondering when the next 'request' or 'emergency' will occur.  

Now, it is Josie's turn. Here theme is:


Regular readers know that I love TED Talks.  They provide an interesting set of thoughts to ruminate upon.  This week I stumbled upon a TED Talk that I really enjoyed.  The main theme of the talk was that we need to have real meaning to what we do, if we want to be successful. While he oversimplifies the examples etc.  I think the main message is poignant   

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