Sunday, February 10, 2013

Monday Listicles

Thanks to Stasha for hosting though this is the second week in a row that the topic quite frankly, scares me but since I am a team player, I will go with it.  I am so going to get in trouble with this list.  Please remember all these are jokes.  Have a sense of humor even if I kill any future political aspirations with this post.  

This weeks Listicle is:

10 “OH NO YOU DIDN’T” GIFTS - A Valentines Edition

10. For Bill Clinton - A box of cigars and Tide spot cleaner.

9.   For the Pope - A copy of:

8.  For any wife - Apparently, a rice cooker.  It has been almost a decade since and I still hear about it. 

7.  For any husband - One of these... or any of these.  Don't click on the links if you are prudish (or at work).

6.  For many professional athletes -  a year of free penicillin shots...

5.  Speaking of athletes, for Manti Te Ľo - a copy of...

4.  For those who support gay marriage - a reminder that the only one that truly wins is the lawyers and that marriage is a three ring circus: engagement ring, wedding ring, and suffering.

3. For the "Man in the Yellow Hat" - A poster from the movie, The Truth About Cats & Dogs with the quote, "It's okay to love your pets but you can't loooooove your pets."

2. For your not so bright friend - A copy of the Darwin Awards.

1. For men in general, another holiday in which we have to profess love and caring.  I mean really.  We need another day in which if we don't spend enough $$$ we get ourselves in trouble or if we do spend our $$$ we get laid - which is in reality worse - because we could have just gone out and 'rented' some for cheaper.
Happy Valentines Day All!

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