Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Purse Filled Listicles

Thanks to Stasha for hosting the Listicles...

This is the most dangerous topics ever...

10 Things That I Imagine Are In Heather's Purse...

10.  Five levels of man traps designed to remove the hands any male who dares to enter this estrogen filled environment.

9. Feminine hygiene products that if viewed by a man's eyes will turn him to stone.

8. A key eating monster...Heather is always losing her keys for some reason and that is the only explanation I can think of.

7. Toys - lots of toys.   Geoffrey the Giraffe must have an office in there.

6. There is make-up in there but I don't know why.   It never quite makes it on her face except when she is going out with the girls.  Though I doubt that because I did not actually view said make-up job.

5.  Loose change.  It gets thrown in there but I have never seen any ever come out?  I sometimes wonder if she just turns her purse over one of those automated machines that you find in the grocery store and gets bills back.  Yeah, that is how it work.

4. Wipes - she has a wipe for all occasions.  Wipes for faces, butts, surfaces.  How come they make so many different kinds of wipes?

3. A series of chargers...this must be a newer phenomenon but I have seen a cell phone, iPad, nook and other battery powered toy chargers come out of it.

2. Diapers - assorted sizes and for different occasions.  I mean there is swimming, overnight as well as regular diapers.  For every type of poop, there is a diaper that she whips out of there...

1. A drug store...I mean she has everything in aisle five in there.

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