Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Two Shoed Heroes + Award Winning

Thanks for Josie for hosting Two Shoes Tuesday. The theme this week is:


Josie Two ShoesOne of the most interesting things about the movie business is how well the super hero movies are doing.  It makes one think why they are doing so well  I personally think that we, as a society, are longing for a true hero at the moment.  Our political leaders are fallible.  So many have told mis-truths and acted in manner unbecoming their offices that even those who are honorable and trustworthy are no longer so.  Movie stars and athletes whom are often put onto a pedestal in our society are often fallen after one media scandal or another.  Their PR facade destroyed by the element that made them to begin with.  There have been so many tearful apologies that they have ceased to have an affect on society.  I think the reason we like the superheroes movies is that they represent what so many feel is wrong about our society. The characters are people who may be flawed but when it matters are self-sacrificing.   The characters are beyond reproach in that instance - they will always act in the best interest of humanity when it matters.  Comic characters have heroism in their hearts and the willingness to 'do what it takes' to save the world is appealing in a world perceived as full of selfishness.  Perhaps there is a lesson in this.

Les from Time Out for Mom holds a weekly Coffee Break.  Her writing prompt this week is:

Have you ever won an Award?

In my career I have won several awards.  If you want a listing of some of them - you can read the profile I wrote here.  Awards are nice and I do enjoy them but I prefer to love my unsung work more.  I like doing industry presentations where I get to share my knowledge with those who may put parts of it into practice.  I thoroughly enjoy sitting in my office talking to students about their life choices and helping them sort out which path they should choose.  I enjoy doing little things to make people's lives easier.  I always said that I do not need to be the front man in a band.  I can do it if it is needed - but I enjoy being behind the scenes more.  I am perfectly happy letting other people enjoy the credit for successes because I know in my heart what I have done and I only need me to be a judge of my actions.  I am flattered by awards but I am fulfilled by positive outcomes more.

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