Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Tuesday Two Shoes

Thanks to Josie for hosting this hop.  Every week she gives us a word to respond to.  This week is one of my favorite all time words...


I often feel discombobulated by this world of ours.  Here are a few of the reasons both large and small...

  • We have such abundance on this planet yet, meanwhile a small minority horde it and create immense suffering for many others.  I do not understand the extremity of that imbalance at times. 
  • Why hot dogs and their buns come in packages of different sizes.  
  • While to love is sometimes a real challenge, hate seems to me to take real energy.  One has to constantly work at hating something.  I mean to have to continually have it justified and keep up a righteous indignation which takes real will power.  It seems all so draining.  
  • How is it that comic books can be written with more depth than a novel at times?
  • Why can we show violence on TV like it is nothing yet show a breast and the country freaks out?  
  • I enjoy sports but the lengths some go to support their team seems a little odd to me.  I sometimes wonder if sports are indeed becoming America's circus to distract us from a lack a bread ala Roman times.
  • Finally, how come people can be so interested in Kim Kardashian being pregnant yet have no idea about the Boson particle?  

Josie Two Shoes

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