Thursday, January 3, 2013

Pondering Time

Thanks to Brenda for hosting Pondering.  The topic this week is:


Do you seem to think that time is flying by?

I have written about time a lot of the years.  It is one of my favorite subjects as individuals perception of time and space is fascinating to me.  While time is a constant (60 seconds in minute, 60 minutes in an hour) - our perception of it seems to be fluid.  It is amazing how perceptions of time change as one ages.  For my two year old waiting five minutes seems like an eternity to him.  My six year old now perceives time as the number of 'sleeps' it takes.  My 12 year old is starting to perceive time in terms of weeks.  My college students view time in terms of well - terms.  For me, time seems to be about five or so year increments.  For my parents, they often view time in terms of decades.

This perception is also based on situational elements as well.  When times are good, it seems to race by in contrast to those moments when time seems to drag.  The key to perception of time seems however to be mindset.  As one becomes more experienced, time seems to slow in critical situations.  In my own career, I have seen much already that little really makes me feel as though that life is moving too fast at this point.  I am more relaxed and can sort out issues in a calm manner than when I was younger in my career where everything seemed to be happening at a much quicker pace.  It is my experience that often leads to situations not moving too fast and limiting my mistakes as a result. 

As these examples illustrate, the perception of time in itself is a paradox.  It should be static but yet it seems to ebb and flow.  The best way to address time is to respect its place and meaning by living as best as one can in its availability. 

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