Monday, January 28, 2013

A Grown Up Listicles

Thanks to Stasha for hosting Listicles.  This week's topic is:


I was a product of the mid 70s early 80s.  That means I have no taste.

10. & 9. A Indian chief or a cowboy - Who could not dream of going west?

7.   A police officer - I would work in San Francisco like all those 70s cop shows.

6.   A construction worker - A job where you can be a macho, macho man

5.   Perhaps I just wanted to be these guys...(though never the leather guy - even as a kid I knew that was not a place I wanted to go).

Now for my serious list...these are what I really told my mom what I wanted to be.

4.  An Ambassador - two words I learned early in life - diplomatic immunity.

3.  A deputy minister - All of the power, none of the face time.  You get to stay when politicians get voted out.  It is a sweet job.  Even as a kid, I dreamed of being a back room guy.

2.  A spy...I mean seriously - how cool would that be?

1. A gigolo of course...I mean look what it does for David Lee Roth...

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