Monday, December 17, 2012

Two Shoes Tuesday - Wishes

I am trying a new meme today hosted by Josie at Tuesday Two Shoes.  Every week she gives participants a prompt to write on... This weeks prompt is:


This is the season of wishes.  What is my wish for all of you?  

I wish that we all would live with the desire to make the world a better place and guide our actions to this cause.
I wish that beautiful sunsets, incredible rainbows and breath taking nature is part of your existence.
I wish you all good health.
I wish everyone knows that they are loved.
I wish people feel comfortable with their appearance and not worry about the judgmental ways of others.
I wish everyone has a nice meal with friends and family.
I wish all of you a sound sleep where dreams come to provide inspiration.
I wish everyone a chance to dance with someone who makes their heart flutter.
I wish you learn something new and interesting each day.
I wish that we all get to grow wise.
In total, I wish us all a world of happiness.

Josie Two Shoes

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