Thursday, December 20, 2012

Friday fragments

Thanks to Mrs. 4444s for hosting Friday fragments. Please forgive the less than perfect grammar etc I am writing blog posts using an iPad for blogging over the holiday.

We arrived in Canada yesterday after a marathon 15 hour drive - a record Btw.

It was an amazing drive - kids were near perfectly behaved, 1000 mile trip and did not have one accident or traffic slow up until we got to Toronto, we got to the border and there was only one other car that was just leaving. Yes, I know it was 5:30 am but there is always traffic there right? We also beat really bad weather by mere hours. If we were four hours later we would have been caught in frozen rain and snow for the last six hours of the drive. Perhaps Santa per-delivered our gift - a smooth drive.

When we left Charleston yesterday - we were in t-shirts. Upon arriving in Toronto - near freezing temperatures and now frozen rain. I am so cocooning this visit.

I am sorry but my blogging going is be slower over the next week. I apologize for not commenting and visiting as I normally would. I will be back to normal after New Years.

Well after not sleeping last night, I am flailing a bit here. While it is brutal on Heather and I - it is so much easier on the kids. It also saves a hotel night and probably two meals. So each way it probably saves over $200.00. I can live with that.

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