Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Fragmented, Four Fill In, Friendship Friday

Thanks to Mrs. 4444s for hosting...
  • I thoroughly enjoy using the word perturbed.  I am not sure why but it is a great word.
    • On a related note:  I am also a big fan of the word quandary.  Perhaps it is because I get quite perturbed when I can not solve my quandaries.
  • It is exam week at the College of Charleston.  Good luck to the students!  Work and study hard.
    • On a related note: I just found the best part of my sabbatical.  No grading!  Grading is indeed grating.
  • Everyone but me in the household has been sick this week.  Heather, Robyn & Erik with a virus and Liam with an ear infection.  Perhaps we need to quarantine our domicile.
  • On that note I think I should bid everyone Adieu, Ciao, Adios, Hawijo, Moce mada, Aloha & Shalom.
    • On a related note: Good-bye and see you all Sunday night to answer Heather and I's Monday Quiz About Me.
PhotobucketNow onto Four Fill In... Thanks to Hilary for hosting...

This week’s statements:

1. If Superman was here in the flesh, I would tell him that was is the theme of my four fill in Friday!

2. YouTube is my kryptonite.
3. I like to think I am Superman; but I know I am just Clark Kent.
4. If I just can't stand to fly, then I am more than a bird, more than a plane...
    Finally, it is Create with Joy's Friendship Friday...

    This week she asks about a holiday traditions.

    Earlier this week I wrote about my sister's passing around Christmas time.  This story had lead me over the years to create a holiday tradition of my own.  Every Christmas I wake up before everyone in the household.  I go up to the tree and think of my sister - she especially liked opening stockings.  I recall her laughter, her toughness and heart.  I remember the sibling back-and-forth.  I reflect on the lessons learned as a result of her passing.  Finally, I forge a plan of how I am going to become a better parent for her child.  It is this responsibility that I feel is the most important component to honoring her memory.  I then go and shower and cry there.  It is a cleansing and provides me with the ability to once again rededicate my life to what I feel is truly important - loving family and friends, being constructive in life and being a man of intellectual growth.  In doing this, I am ready to paint the smile on my face for the children and allow them to enjoy the magic of Christmas.  The day is about them.  

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