Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Foodie - Monday Listicles

Stasha must hate me.  I have been ever so good with my diet.  I weighed in this morning at 204.5 lbs this morning when I started at 234.2 September 1st.  Even my math says that is close to 30 lbs lost.  Now, Stasha goes ahead and makes a Food-based Listicle.  Not just a food based - but yummy Christmas baking posts.  I am pre-blaming any extra pounds on her this week - at least that is my story and I am sticking with it.

Top 10 Things I Love About My Diet

10.  Taste was overrated anyways...

9..   Hummus - a veggie lovers' dip of choice - the consistency of sandpaper combined with a pungency of garlic. 

8.   The eating of Cruciferous vegetables and the results of eating said greens can clear a room quickly.

7.   I now have to be the picky one when we go out.  You know that person who has to see the menu ahead of the time...yes, that annoying person is now me.  Hooray?

6.  I do get to gross out Heather by eating jerky as a snack food...believe or not, jerky is a good low carb, low calorie snack.

5.   I have discovered places that make lettuce buns for burgers and un-wiches for sandwiches.  They actually taste okay.  At Jimmie John's on campus, a Billy Club Sandwich normally has 701.5 calories. By going with the lettuce bun it goes does to 451.5.

4.    Heather is now making crisps from oatmeal.  They make for a great breakfast.  

3.    My clothes are now officially starting to look weird on me.  I have no idea now what size to buy as I am only really half way to my goal.  So do I buy for now or wait?  

2.    All those holiday delicious, yummy and fab-u-tas-tic treats that I am about to read about while hopping around Listicles...Let me just tell all of you in advance - you all stick!!!

1.  In all seriousness, we arrive in Canada on December 22nd.  My goal when I started this journey was to be under 200 lbs.  Think I can make it? 

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  1. Two days to go!! I bet you are a few bellow 200!! This is awesome Wayne. Way to go. I am yet to loose a whole lot. And I just don't know where to start ( without hating the world)