Thursday, November 22, 2012

Pondering Disaster


Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends.  Hope everyone gets lots of turkey fun today.  Brenda however, told a story of have some trouble preparing that Thanksgiving feast.  So she asked us to Ponder whether if we need to have some perfect to say it is good enough.

This is a tough subject for me.  I personally think that one of the biggest problems in North America is the it is 'good enough' attitude.  Too many feel that doing the minimum to get to 'good enough' is acceptable.  This attitude is related to laziness and in reality shuts down innovation and growth.   It is particularly irksome in education where students work to a rubric.  It encourages students to work to the minimum.  

On the other hand, if one does decide to innovate and grow, failure is part of the process.  The best lessons sometimes are those that require struggle.  As a researcher, I have a problem with 'good enough.'  The whole point of research is to innovate and gain new insights.  It is about moving forward.  I acknowledge however, that if one has exhausted their efforts of the moment - the results then have to be pushed forward as part of being productive.  This is when 'good enough' has to be just that.

So in response to Brenda's query.  'Good enough' is based on effort and innovation.  I will gladly eat something not perfect if it is made on the path of innovation.  

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