Thursday, November 8, 2012

Creating Gratitude

Thanks to Joy for hosting Friendship Friday.  This week's theme is:


Gratitude is underappreciated as a concept.  The ability to genuinely be thankful for the actions or words of another is a sign of strength and character.  Demonstrating sincere gratitude creates an environment of civility by modelling a dignified atmosphere where mutual respect is not only encouraged but expected.  It raises the level of all those whose reside within that environment.  

As someone who lives in a hospitality environment, I have always felt that 'thank-you' was a key indicator of class as it is a demonstration of consciousness.  One is seeing the components of an experience and is acknowledging how their efforts are contributing to a greater effort.  People are often shocked when I thank them for what many would consider mundane actions. Being gracious and sincere in acknowledging the efforts of others creates a sense of positivity that leads others into wanting to work with you.  My students for instance, are often flabbergasted when I thank them for their efforts.  I do this because I prefer to create an environment where individual's best efforts are respected.  I believe this creates an environment where my students want to put their best foot forward because they know their efforts will be appreciated.  It is about creating an atmosphere of respect.  Students will respect me enough to put their best effort forward and I will respect them enough to acknowledge and appreciate those efforts.

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