Sunday, November 18, 2012

An Educational Listicle

Thanks to Northwest Mommy for hosting Listicles.  This weeks' topic is:

10 things I learned in 2012. 
(Actual skill or enlightenment)

10.  I have become a fan of 'Q' Methodology especially in relation to studying decision-making.

9.   High school is expensive...trips, clubs and other assorted needs.  Ka ching!  I fear for the college years.  My back account is already crying.

8.   Tenure is nice though sabbatical is even nicer!  It is sad to think I have another seven more years until my next one.  

7.  It is important to say 'no' sometimes.  It helps the sanity.  It is even better when one thinks 'hell no' when saying it politely.

6. Working a long string of 18 hour days living off of Red Bull and junk food is not good for your health.  Whodda thought?

5.  Diets suck!  I had a bowl of weeds for dinner...  I have lost close to 25 pounds though.

4.  The man in the yellow hat (from Curious George) must be independently wealthy.  Beyond having a Manhattan Apartment, he also have a summer house.  Further, it is the only explanation of how can he afford all of the lawsuits that have to arise out of George's curious adventures?  Yes, I have been watching way too much George lately.

3. I really despise reviewing articles written using Structural Equation Modelling.  I need to find an excuse not to do these.

2. My wife never actually reads my blog.  She says she does but it is a half truth - she scans it on occasion   My evidence will be in the comments (or lack thereof from her).  P.S. I read her blog daily.  My blog has been growing in visitation every month but my wife doesn't find it interesting enough to read.  Apparently Facebook games are more important than her husband.

1. Work is relaxing...staying at home is the crappy job. It is tough to put up with these active boys. Heather would be happy I said this if she actually read the blog.

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