Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Surf the Earth Costa Rica

Hi all,

I am still recovering from my trip to Europe.  I picked up a nice airplane cold on the way home.  I am therefore putting off showing my pictures of Europe but you are not going to be disappointed.

One of the privileges of being a professor is that you get to meet and teach great students.  One of my former students, Philip Hall, opened a surf company in Costa Rica called Surf the Earth Costa Rica (I have added his bio to the bottom).  He has since started to expand his operation to include all types of tourism.  These are pictures from his and his guests adventures in Costa Rica.

Phillip's Bio

"My name is Phillip Hall. I grew up in South Carolina, in a small town called Pawleys Island. I graduated from the College of Charleston and started majoring in Business Administration and then switched to Hospitality and Tourism Management to better my education in the exact areas I wanted to learn more about. I took more classes in hotel and resort management because my ultimate goal is to own a hotel and restaurant in Costa Rica. I wrote many of my college papers on business ideas for Costa Rica because I have been traveling there since I was 18. I have always known that this was where I wanted to live, so I made it happen. Right after college I went on a cross country trip to say goodbye to the States, and then I sold everything I had to move to Costa Rica. I have now been here for three years and all my dreams are slowly getting put into place. I moved down here to start the company Surf The Earth Costa Rica. It is surf and tourism company that basically takes people on the vacation of a life time. I handle every part of a guest trip and I'm a personal 24/7 concierge. I know the country of Costa Rica very well. I have traveled to every part of the country so I have the ability to show people the right places to go and the things avoid all over the country. My next business venture was into the party planning business for; weddings, bachelor, bachelorette, ect. My partners and I developed a very big and beautiful website for this business and we decided to take our knowledge of advertising and website development into another business all together. We sell our knowledge and skills to be used to improve a business's online presence and we have some tricks of the trade to help push websites to the top of Google searches, which is a very important tool in this present day business world. One of my personal skills that I bring to the table for all of these businesses is photography and filming. One of my great passions is taking pictures and editing movies. I have editing all kinds of videos for my business, tour businesses, instructional yoga videos, sales videos, FAQ videos, surf movies, and the list goes on. Now my partners and I are using our knowledge of the industry in this country and teaming up with Jaco Laguna Resort to build there online websites, photography, videos, marketing, sales, and helping run there tourism onsite. We are there to make sure every single guest is taken care of and has the absolute best vacation possible. This is my next venture in life and I can't wait to see where it takes me."
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