Monday, October 1, 2012

Tuesday Coffee Chat - Baddie Edition

Thanks to Leslie for hosting this great hop.  The topic for this week is:

Favorite Movie Baddies

Okay this is screaming out for a short list...

#3 - Okay he was a good guy, then a bad guy who became good does he count?  Of course he does, he killed millions (see: Alderaan + Death Star).    

#2 - Alan Rickman - Not only was he Hans Gruber in Die Hard but also Severus about a baddie resume!  

P.S. I don't care if Snape was exonerated - he is still a baddie in my books.   

#1 - This is really no contest.  Heath Ledger playing the Joker was the best baddie of all time.  He truly scared the wits out of people.  No one understood the psychotic and anarchist nature of the Joker better than he.  It was a chilling performance to watch it.

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