Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pour Your Heart Out - Halloween

You will notice that Heather and I are writing about the same topic today.  This came about as a result of a coversation I had with my daughter about Halloween costumes.  She was disappointed that most of the costumes available to women objectify them.  We are both proud of her for thinking things out and developing a respectable opinion.  Here is my take:

When did Halloween become an 'adult' holiday?  Adults have seemed absconded the holiday.  While kids can barely trick or treat because of the 'dangers', adults are throwing larger parties while bars and clubs are doing a brisk business.  While kids being ripped off of Halloween is bad, the seemingly sexualization of Halloween is even worse.  I felt a wee bit dirty walking through the costume store.  Every costume for women were a naughty this or sexy that.  My 14 year old daughter and I had to go three aisles through the Halloween store before we could find a costume she could wear to school without being sent home.  That costume, was a nun one (of course right beside it was a naughty nun).  Now that she is an adult size, apparently she needs to 'show off her goods' in order to celebrate Halloween.

Personally, I have no problem with people who want to have 'fun' with a holiday.  I am not a prude in any way.  I do think however, that when there are no choices available that it sends a message that this is what the holiday should be perceived to be.  This is where it goes very wrong.  Contrary to what seems to be some people's opinions not every costume needs to be naughty or sexy.  Personally I find those costumes usually to be neither but rather just an advertisement of desperation but that is me. I really do think that the preponderance of these costumes does however send a wrong message.  Perhaps we really do need to consider giving Halloween back to the kids.  They are less childish with it.

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