Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday listicles - Swiss edition

I am sitting at the train station in Zurich Switzerland waiting to go to Freiburg Germany.

Top ways I am different than from when I was younger...

10. Now fat - then super skinny
9. Now bald - then blonde long hair
8. Now depressed after the last two points - then I actually used to dye my hair green and blue...
7. Then one cocky sob - now humbled by time and experience.
6. Then bad relationships - now I have a fabulous wife.
5. Now three wonderful children - then very gooey hands.
4. Now great job with plenty of security - then 'would you like fries with that?'
3. Now published author - then I would have given you an example but auto-correct had different ideas. It was not pretty.
2. Now world traveller - then can we go to buffalo?
1. Now happy guy - then happy guy. I have had a great life.

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