Sunday, October 7, 2012

Monday Listicles - Complimentary Edition

This week's theme is compliments. In my undergraduate university days, I was in a program that contained a ratio of eight girls to every guy. I therefore had a lot of female friends.  Here are some of the lovely compliments that came my way during those years.  Yes, these are actual things I was told.

10.  You are a really good friend.  Heard - x1,000,000 - give or take a few.

9.   I usually don't call people over late at night to study but...[smiles at me] I've got the coffee on, let's start on chapter five.

8.  You a really nice guy. - Ditto with #10.

7.  You are so easy to talk to.  Let me tell you about my boyfriend.

6   I can't believe you fixed my computer!

5.  I tell my friends about you all the time.  So few guys are just like 'one of the girls.'

4.  You are such a great cook!  I wish my boyfriend would take the time to cook for me.  All he is interested in is sex all night.  He even expects me to make breakfast in the morning.

3.  I like the way you dance.  It keeps the creepy guys away but lets the cute guys know I'm available.

2.  The girls all tell me how awesome you are.  I have to say, you are a very cool guy.  Are you sure you're not gay?

1.  You are really different from the guys I usually date.  I mean I usually date athletes and cool guys but it is such a refreshing experience to go on a date where I know that the guy is not trying to get into my pants. [she then realizes I get the subcontext]  I mean, you are just a really nice guy.  I think we could be awesome friends.

Yep, that was my dating life in summary.   In order to live up to my nice guy image, I want to end by thanking Stasha for hosting Monday Listicles.  It was a ummm, hummm pleasure to relive these tremendous compliments.

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