Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Thanks to Mrs. 4444's for hosting Friday Fragments...

  • Today is Erik's birthday party - so happy second birthday big guy.
    • On a related note: Thanks for giving me the most tiring two years I have ever are indeed a bundle of energy.

  • Last week, Conde Nast not only named Charleston the best tourism destination in the USA but also added best destination in the world to its title.
    • On a related note: After travelling through Europe last week, the vibe Charleston has is unique and the service levels here are phenomenal when compared.  

  •  Freiburg Germany is a beautiful city.  It provided a great backdrop for the conference I was at.
    • On a related note:  While I like Freiburg, I loved Bern Switzerland!!!  Such a beautiful and historic city - comeback on Sunday to see pictures of  Bern!!!  You won't be disappointed... 

  • Just a reminder to check out Heather's two memes - the Monday Quiz About Me and Thirsty for Comments Thursday...
    • On a related note: Whoever writes most of the questions for the Monday Quiz is completely bonkers!

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