Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday Coffee Chat

Thanks to Leslie at Time Out for Mom for hosting the Tuesday Coffee Chat.  Each week she assigns a topic for everyone to write and chat about.  This week's topic is:

Men....and the Women Who Blog About Them.

Well I guess I will have a different perspective on most on this question now won't I?  I actually got into blogging because I wanted to share a hobby with my wife Heather who has been writing www.ActingBalanced.com for years.  Heather's blog is much bigger and more serious than mine and she does a lot with it.  It clutters my house with products to test (of stuff we usually don't need) and keeps her extremely busy at times.   Her blog also puts our family's life out there for everyone to see.  Kind of like online Doogie Howser journal but for the whole world to read about.

As a result of Heather's blog people know all sorts of things about me (and even more about our kids).  Regular readers of her blog would know my habits and my pet peeves; about my workplace and so-called leisure lifestyle.  Heather even interviewed me once for her blog.  For a lot of men that would creep them out but I really am an open book to begin with.   I just don't think I am all that interesting of a book - kind of like an academic text rather than a romance novel.  I do not drink, smoke or have any habit that would be anywhere near interesting to the majority of the general population.  Heck, I have even given up caffeine and I just used the word 'heck' in a sentence.  Sad.  I am guessing that is why the kids lives make her blog far more than mine does.  They are so much more interesting than I.

I guess what makes us different and interesting is that we are a blogging couple.  Our relationship and family life for the most part is of public record for the past couple of years.  By reading both of our blogs, you would really get a sense of what life is like in our household.  We think and view the world differently in many respects and our takes on the same story are often amusing to read.  I know I get a kick out of them.  The most important element however, is that we support each other (except apparently for my diet - to which I am apparently on my own with but that is a story for another day).

Top Five Things I Think Heather Complains About Me

  1. He has a strange memory.  Ask him about some obscure paper or fact and he remembers it for years.  Ask him how old he is and he often gets it wrong.
  2. He thinks by making fun of himself a lot that people will not think he is as egotistical as he is but and people do.
  3. He can do complex mathematical equations but can not fill out a simple form correctly.  
  4. He often omits facts about his health to me.  He thinks he is protecting me but in reality, it just makes me frustrated with him.
  5. You would think a guy in the hospitality business and who regularly speaks in front of large audiences would be outgoing and always meeting people but no, bringing him to a social engagement is like pulling teeth.  He is a like a walking paradox (okay that is my word but not hers).

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