Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pondering All New Things...


Thanks to Brenda for hosting this fabulous hop.  This week theme is:


'New' is a double sided concept.  It is a very good thing to develop new ideas, to learn new concepts, or to gain new insights.  I would also argue that meeting new people and developing new relationships is a healthy way to live.  The problem with 'new' though is when we get consumed with it.  We get so fixated on having new things we forget about how to live and manage what we already have.  Often times, many can get so determined to get new things, we become consumed by 'new' and we demonstrate the worst of human traits as a result of it.  I have learned very hard lessons related to 'new'.  One should always remember, things are replaceable, people are not.  The pursuit of things over the developing and fostering relationships is a fallacy.   It leads not to happiness but rather to despair.  The desire for the newest, shiniest, most fabulous thing leads to a trip down the garden path - one will never be happy with what they have because the newest thing is around the corner. Where one show focus on 'new' is to find new happiness in life through love, learning and growth.  That is when new really shines.  

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