Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pour Your Heart Out Wednesday

I am sorry, I missed last week but I was teaching a group of students how to manage corporate events at the 2012 PGA Championship.  You can read one of the stories about the class here.  This pouring of the heart though is not about the course but rather the students.  I hear quite often that this net generation is spoiled, lazy and lack social skills.  The group I had last week were anything but.

The group of students I worked with arrived at 5:00 AM and worked until 7:30 PM busting their butts the entire time. They did it with a smile on their face even when it was raining and when things were not going well.  They were not  afraid to ask for help when necessary but solved problems and showed grace under fire.  I finished the week with a sense that each of those students will make the world a better place in the years to come.   It made for a very nice moment of teaching satisfaction.

So to those students, I thank each and everyone of you for your efforts, your positive spirit and your diligence.  You made it easy to compliment each and everyone of you.  To those who worry about this generation, I submit to you that there hard workers, thinkers and leaders among this generation.  One only has to be around most of these young people to know that.

P.S. Here is an example on one of the Emails that I received about the students (I have about 10 more).  Since I have not had time to ask them permission to use this, I took out the names...

Hi Wayne,

I was very impressed with all the students that I worked with all week (I did 7 shifts total). They were professional and courteous and well trained, and will do well in the Hospitality Industry.

I worked with XXX on Saturday morning and late afternoon. A man's wallet was turned in at Champions Club. She thought she recognized his face from hotels she has worked at. She called the hotels, but no luck. She then Googled his name along with his address and found his phone number in Hilton Head. She called on her cell phone and left a message. Soon after he returned her call (from Hilton Head) and made arrangements for a friend to claim his wallet. I also saw XXX during the rain on Saturday, walk to the Dunes Sky Box to pick up a golf cart so she could give one of the disabled patrons from Champions Club a ride to the exit.

To be honest with you, I learned from your interns!

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