Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pour Your Heart Out Wednesday

My wife discovered this blog hop hosted by Things I Can't Say and thought I would like it.  I am guessing she is right.  The purpose of the hop is to write about something near and dear to your heart.  I like doing this.  So here goes...

Lately, I have been seeing a lot people being disrespectful towards one another.  There is probably no better example than the latest gay marriage controversy with Chik Fil-A.  The COO of the company has expressed an opinion that he feels gay marriage is not right.  There are many who disagree with that position.  The problem is not necessarily in the disagreement but in rather the discourse between the two sides.

While their corporate philosophy is not my thing (everyone should have the right to live miserably, divorce and fatten lawyers wallets as a result); the manner in which the outrage expressed by some is most likely hurting more than helping the cause. Using words such as 'hateful,' 'bigot' and 'homophobe' to describe those who disagree with that position are inflammatory and actually will further entrench those whose views are opposite. This approach does not work to improve discourse but rather promotes polarization.

I prefer Dr. Martin Luther King's approach.  He promoted an ideal in a manner that people respected and admired. He did not use the politics of hate but rather one of reason and class. He sold his ideas by using education and eloquence.  I prefer to keep my disagreements civil and respectful. I am a firm believer that over time, causes that are right and just will prevail. Those who advocate using a more aggressive strategy I feel will cause those rights to be delayed and come at a much steeper price than needed to be paid.   While there will always be some who will not see reason, I believe that the majority of people are good and that most want to do the right thing.  It just takes time, education and compassion to bring people to understand what in their heart they know to be true.

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