Sunday, August 19, 2012

Monday Listicles

 Thanks to Stasha for hosting Monday Listicles... This week's list is:

Really about a Kia Rondo?

10.  It is paid for...

9.   It has almost 80,000 miles and has needed very little work done to it.  It has been reliable...unlike certain parts of my body that have needed additional and expensive maintenance lately.

8.  It is not a mini-van.  When we bought it, two kids were around and I refused to go into the world of Mini-van.  Now that we have added number three, I had no choice but to buy Heather the mini-van but at least I can say it is hers and not mine.  I am too young and masculine to own a mini-van.

7. I do not have to worry about getting a speeding ticket on the highway with it.  More that 75 miles an hour  and my car gets afraid.  Really it shakes like Scooby Doo & Shaggy when they see the 'ghost.'  I wonder what the equivalent to a Scooby snack is to a Kia Rondo?

6. My wife never has to worry about me picking up chicks in it.  Hey baby, wanna come for a ride in my fine KIA?  Don't worry about the two car seats in the back...

5. It does drive surprisingly well.  It feels like driving a car and not the hated mini-van.  It also is surprisingly quick 'off the line' and in acceleration.  Makes highway driving feel a lot safer.

4. The tires love to get nailed.  Seriously, there must be little magnets in the wheels or something because nails just love to find their way into them.  It is uncanny.  Every three months or so, I need to take it in to get a puncture fixed.  Thank goodness for tire puncture warranties.

3. Dinged? Scratched? Dented? Who cares? It is a Kia Rondo.  I am driving it until it (or I) die anyways.  It makes for a nice stress free environment.

2.  Stolen car?  Please... It has actually held its Kelley Blue Book value quite well.  If someone were to steal it, I could almost pay for a half decent replacement. I am actually surprised at how well this car has held its value.  

1.  All in all, it has been very good to my family.  We were a single car family until just before summer and the only reason we needed the mini-van was that my daughter got too tall to be comfortable in the 3rd row of seats.   


  1. I too refused to join the MiniVan Mafia! Even with a blended family taking us up to full capacity, I will not cave. No minivan for me!

  2. Not a bad car at all! And I love #10...that's something we all strive for!

  3. Mine has been paid for since June of 2011 which I remind myself of every time I start feeling the itch for a new one coming on!

  4. It sounds like a pretty good car. And the fact that it's paid for is just icing on the cake! But really, MiniVans aren't too terribly evil. I was forced to drive one before we traded up for our extended van and it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

  5. Ah, c'mon the minivan isn't that bad! I wonder what you're thinking Wayne- we have a KIA minivan? Is that double hate from you?

    1. Not a problem with Kia at all...For what I paid for it, the car has performed admirably.

  6. I love that my car is paid for too! And I refuse to go to a minivan.

  7. I think a minivan shows great intelligence and practicality. I'm cool enough for whatever car I drive. :) Ellen

  8. You had me at "paid for." The Scooby Doo part had me laughing, though - I can relate all too well.

  9. Haaahaaa...great list Wayne!

    Both my husband & I swore we would never own a mini-van...that was until we had kids. We have come full circle but did love our Previa.

  10. I think it is very telling that my own husband would rather drive the beat-up, rusted, noisy as a semi Jetta.....than our minivan. I swear he'd still choose it even if it was pink.
    However, both are paid for and that is the silver lining.

  11. I am not a mini van girl. I refuse to drive one. Even if we had more than one kid, which we don't, I still wouldn't drive it. The best kinds of cars are the ones that you are comfortable with, and it sounds like your Rondo fits the bill!

  12. Sounds like a good choice and I'm sure it's gets pretty good gas mileage. Just as long as you have a radio -- you're good to go.

  13. We had to join the minivan brigade when the lovelies were coming along. We got a used Nissan Quest or something- it was nice...until the engine threw a rod. YIKES! After that, my beloved 1987 Mercedes came to live with us. Now, I am in love with a car.

  14. Thank you for making me laugh every single Monday. I enjoy your Listicles thouroughly!

  15. I own the same type of tires!(hahaha) I'm your newest follower from "Flock Together" blog hop - I would love a follow-back if you get a chance:

  16. My car has a few dings and dents, too, but I don't really care. It does the job, and that's really all I want from a car.

  17. Great post. I always wanted a mini van- have had 3 and now I want to go back to a car. Our youngest is 16; we no longer need one.. and this one has all its own issues... Enjoyed reading this :).