Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Listicles

Thanks to Stasha for hosting Monday Listicles.  This week's list is...


10.  The obvious one is forgetting to pull out...
9.  They were broke enough to teach me to appreciate the little things in life. Seriously, I am glad,I grew up lower middle class.  It taught me the difference between a real need and a want.  At the age of six, I went on a trip to the fire station.  My question to the firemen, "How much is your water bill?"  My mom says the fireman said he was never asked that question before.

8. I was screwing around in school so my dad got me a summer job at the factory he worked at.  They  ran me ragged and gave me some of the grossest jobs ever.  I mean, who wants to clean the change room and bathrooms at a factory especially in 110 degree heat (the factory was not air conditioned).  We were on our way home one day and I bitched at him about the job and he turned to me and said, "You keep screwing around in school and this is your future..."

7. Taught me that opposites do attract.  My dad is outgoing and gregarious.  He is a social creature.  In another world (read: born into money), he could have been a politician or CEO.  He has that kind of charisma.  My mom on the other hand is quiet and introverted in many ways.  She likes to read and is very thoughtful. In another world (read: born into money and a later generation) she would have been a CFO.  

6. That we all have foibles and personal demons but it is how you react and deal with them that really matters.

5. They were gluttons for punishment - they watched and coached me in baseball for years.  

4.  That kids require sacrifice.  My mom's entire paycheck for four years basically went to paying for me to go to undergrad.  They did not go on vacations, they did not save for retirement, they worked so that I would be able to one day get into a position whereby I could do nice things for my family.  I appreciate their sacrifice every single day.

3. That relationships are not perfect.  They require give and take.  My house will never be compared to the Brady's  - it was more like the Bundy's - but the love is just the same. 

2. That real life is enjoying the laughs.   A positive mind frame can take one a long way.  It was never about what we didn't have but rather about being thankful for what we did.

1. That hard work pays off.   

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