Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Listicles

Thanks to Stasha at for hosting Monday Listicles.  I am working 24/7 right now and I am incredibly apologies in advance for being slow in the bloggy world in advance.

10 People to Invite to Dinner.

I am going to do this in sections...

These three would be invited just so I could listen to them argue.  It would be fun.

10. Winston Churchill
9.  Sir. John A. MacDonald - First Prime Minister of Canada
8.  Carl Marx


7. George Burns
6. Frank Sinatra
5. Marilyn Monroe

 Getting the Geek On

4. Robert Oppenheimer
3. Albert Einstein
2. Marie Currie

Most Important

1. My beautiful, talented, intelligent and fun super-wife Heather (check out her blog at  She is a widow with three kids this week and is doing a tremendous job taking care of them while I am working. 

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