Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thinking Thursday


Thanks to Brenda for hosting I can Think on Thursday.   Brenda gives us a theme to share our thoughts about.  This week's concept is "RESPECT."

When I first started teaching I wanted everyone to like me.  I went out of my way to be kind, gregarious and friendly and often it ended up causing situations that was detrimental to myself and sometimes not fair to other students in the class.  Over the years, I have realized that I am indeed human with foibles and that not everyone is going to like me.  My approach has thus changed over the years.  I do not necessarily go for being liked as much as going for being respected.  

In being respected, I treat my students like the young adults that they are.   I have high expectations for them and will work hard to help them achieve but I can not and will not do it for them.  It is not in their best interest in the long run.  I am straightforward and honest with them but always in a constructive manner - it is about helping them to get the tools necessary to be successful in life.  I want them to achieve whatever potential they have. I think that is the core of respect there.  Your intentions and actions towards others and yourself are noble and just (the knights of the round table were on to something).  Being respectful is about caring and using that feeling to create situations where positive outcomes are likely. It is about taking personal responsibility for oneself to be a good human being who makes positive contributions to the world around them.

I have found over that past few years, that while some may not like you (that is sometimes about personality) - they can respect you.  By being fair, honest and caring - you create a situation where others may disagree with you but they respect you even in doing so.  This is why I work for respect.

Acting Balanced

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