Saturday, July 14, 2012

Six Word Saturday/ He Said She Said

I am combining Six Word Saturday with Heather and I's weekly He Said/ She Said this week.  So here goes,

 Trust is the bedrock of relationships...

Heather and I got into a conversation this week about going to strip joints and having close friends of the opposite gender.  I did not necessarily see the link before the conversation but she listed it as a trust issue.  Either you trust your partner not to stray or not.  You can read more about Heather's thoughts on the subject here.  

As for me, when I was much younger 18-22ish, I found strip joints to be sort of interesting.  Now, I see them as a waste of time and money.  I don't necessarily object to them, they are just not for me.  They honestly don't do a thing for me. If Heather wanted to go to one, I would not care.  Honestly, I do not see the difference between going to a strip joint and her reading on of her romance novels.  Some of them are pretty porn-y.  

As for the friend question, I do not object to Heather having male friends that she hangs out with.  I have always believed that if people are going to cheat, they will.  It is a sign of something deeper wrong with the relationship.

In total, one has to learn to - and earn the trust of their - partner.  If one can not discuss issues and problems in the relationship it can manifest into deeper issues such as cheating.  I believe that whoever I have a relationship with is more sophisticated than to fall over with their legs open because they saw a stripper.  It is about developing trust over time and space in order to be able to discuss issues of sex and intimacy within the relationship.  When good communication about each other's needs and wants is consistent and solid, trust naturally occurs and the jealousy issues go away and no friends or trip to a strip joint is going to change that. 

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