Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pondering With A Purpose


First, thanks to Brenda for hosting this great hop.  Each week Brenda lays out a topic for us to ponder.  We then translate these thoughts and share them with the bloggy world.  This week's theme is: 


I stare into the my children's eyes and see tremendous potential.  I try to see if they are on the right path to being purveyors of great good.  I see my reflection in their eyes and know my example will mean much in their ability to achieve their potential.  It is a responsibility that I cherish.

I stare into my wife's eyes and feel love.  It is a love based on respect and trust.  It is a love that has grown exponentially over the years and like a tree; needs to be nurtured and cared for in order to keep it healthy and vibrant.

I stare into my parent's eyes and see a path.  The path they have taught me is right and true.  They instilled in me the values and desire to work towards something greater.  It is because of their sacrifices, that I have the tools to take care of my family today.  They taught me that the world needs people who build and I have followed their blueprint.

I stare into the abyss and know that while some are less than noble, I truly believe that most in the world recognize the need to create a place of compassion and caring.  There is a need for optimism but set in the gravity of reality.  I must work to help create opportunities for growth and help guide others to find the path that will lead them to health and happiness.

I stare into the sky and find wonderment.  I see questions arising and knowledge required.  I see a universe of  limitless possibilities.  I must continue to seek wisdom for is the path to enlightenment.  It is knowledge that will provide me the ability to make good choices.

I stare into my being.  I see a person with faults but whose intentions are good.  I see a person devoted to working to make a positive contribution to the world.  I ask if I am working hard enough to be the best parent, teacher, son, community member that I can be?  I must continue to improve in order to move forward.  To achieve my goals of contributing positively to the world.

I stare because if I do not, I lose sight of what is truly important...

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