Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Listicles

Stasha at The Good Life hosts a great hop called Monday Listicles.  This week's theme is birthdays...  Since I hate birthdays (yes, I am the Scrooge of birthdays) I can only stomach doing five instead of 10.

5.  Congrats! You made it another year on a large rock hurtling around the sun at approximately 66,500 MPH.  Good thing you don't feel like you are constantly going in circles.  Life is indeed going by quickly.

4. Thanks for contributing to the economy.  The average American spends approximately $25 on a gift.  That means if the average person receives three gifts, that means $23.25 billion is spent annually on gifts!  The Chinese government could not survive without you...Oppps.  I means America's retail industry.

 3. In 1400, life expectancy was 24.44 years (thanks to the Black Death); that doubled to 48.11 in 1500.  Today in the USA, life expectancy has risen to nearly 80 years.  So you will have that many more to celebrate.  Women in the USA can expect to celebrate five more birthdays than men.  That gap is closing however, as women are picking up more bad habits such as smoking, drinking and workaholism.  See gender equality does have its disadvantages.

2. If you want to celebrate the most birthdays though move to Monaco where the average life expectancy is 89.68.  BTW the USA ranks number 50 on that list.  If you are sick of birthdays, Chad should be on your moving list because life expectancy there is 48.69.

1. October 5th is the most common birthday in the USA.  Over one million Americans share that day as their birthdays.  So join with them and thank their parents for getting too drunk on New Years Eve to remember  to use birth control.

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