Thursday, July 5, 2012

Friday Fragments

Once again thanks to Mrs. 4444's for hosting this fragged up Friday.
  • We are leaving Canada on Sunday to return to Charleston.  It has been a fun four weeks.
    • On a related note: We come here to escape the Charleston heat.  The forecast for today is the hottest day on record for Toronto.  Hummm....Best laid plans and all that I guess.
  • I can not believe that they are doing a remake of Total Recall.  I thought the first time was bad enough.  Wonder what Arnold thinks of it?

    • On a related note: The only question I have for the movie is whether it will have the woman with three breasts will make an appearance?
  • This week featured a transit adventure with Liam and a trip to the Ontario Science Center with Robyn.  It was fun spending time with the kids.  BTW to read my review of the Ontario Science Center click here.  Also come back Sunday for pictures from Liam's and I bus adventure.

    • On a related note: Erik may not have had such a good time this week.  Sweltering heat, teething which caused a nasty diaper rash and a whole lot of pain.  Not fun.
  • So wish us luck as we once again do an 18+ hour drive with three kids. 
    • On a related note: This would be a good time to buy stock in Advil.
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