Sunday, June 17, 2012

Monday Listicles

Every Monday Stasha from The Good Life hosts a fun hop called Listicles.  This weeks challenge is:

I am giving you an allowance of (pretend) $1000 and ask for a list of 10 things you will spend it on. 

Being a professor in a School of Business, I of course have to ask if this is before expenses are paid or after?    In other words, is this found money?  

If it is regular budget here it is:

$250 Mortgage 
  $50 Over payment to mortgage
$150 Food 
$150 Energy & utilities
$150 Savings - $50 retirement, $50 general savings, $50 education fund for kids
$100 Car related expenses - gas, maintenance, insurance
  $50 Telephone & internet
  $50 Charitable giving
  $25 Entertainment
  $25 Clothes & misc. 

If it is play or found money - 

$250 Balloon payment to mortgage (Sigh I am that boring)
$200 Charitable giving (we all have to give back)
$100 Retirement fund (once again boring but I don't want to have to work until 80)
$100 Date night (because we never have enough of those)
$100 Golf game (my one splurge on myself)
  $50 Toys for kids (though they probably play with the boxes they came in more)
  $50 Another date night (because my wife is awesome)
  $50 Take kids to somewhere special (because they are awesome)
  $50 Take kids to movies (I do however, get final say on which movie we do see)
  $50 Date lunch (especially if we can sneak out of a naughty lunch...:-))

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